Active CPU

Active CPU 1.0

Active CPU displays cpu usage in text or as graphs
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Active CPU 1.0 is a small yet useful utility that resembles the built-in task manager tool that comes with Microsoft NT platforms such as Windows NT series, XP and Vista.
The program has a simple window which displays a nice graph that represents the current and past CPU usage history and a percentage meter that tells how much CPU is consumed. The update speed for the graphs is controllable; you can set the update speed of the graphs to high, normal, low or paused. Active CPU 1.0 can be configured to stay on top of all open windows. The program can also be configured to hide from the toolbar when it is minimized. Once it's minimized, it will display an animated tray icon that shows a live graph of the CPU use percentage. You may wonder about why to use this software while you have the built-in task manager utility, the answer is that the Windows Task Manager's performance graphs are available only in NT platforms while it's not present in 9x Windows platforms such as Windows 95, 98 and ME.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Simple and Fast
  • has a tray icon
  • usage stats available as graphs and text


  • Looks very similar to the built-in task manager performance tab in Windows NT
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